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The good news –

We’re living longer!

Women in the western world can now expect to live into their 80s, and men into their late 70s. That’s twice as long as 200 years ago. But the bad news is that those extra years are not necessarily healthy ones. Most people will see their health start to decline in their 50s.

Hi there!

Let me ask you a question. How do we know we are healthy?

Over the past year, I’ve spoken to hundreds of women in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada about how they are managing to stay well.  And what I’ve discovered is that maintaining our health is a matter of doing the best we can with little accurate data.

No two bodies are the same, so I invite you to become an expert in yours. You can expect to live on in your bodily home for a long time, so you might as well understand its key performance indicators.

I’ve designed this website to break down some of the most important scientific themes into actionable steps, particularly around genomics, biomarkers and nutrition. The articles, blogs and product reviews linked from this page are a great place to start.

Grow Nutritious Food at Home

Vertical hydroponic gardens – growing lettuce on so many levels
Aeroponic tower garden with LED grow lights – from Nutraponics
The AEVA from Just Vertical – Vertical Hydroponic Gardens