Best All-in-One Workout Machine (2024)

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Jules Walters • Feb 1, 2024

All-in-one workout machines are designed to give you the convenience of having multiple workout stations in one location. They’re an attractive option if you want a complete workout routine at home.

If you are thinking of investing in an all-in-one workout machine, sometimes called a home gym or multi-station home gym, there are several features to look for to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Features to look for in an all-in-one workout machine

Firstly, the versatility of the machine is crucial. Look for models that offer a variety of exercise options, such as resistance training, cardio exercises, and core workouts. This will allow you to target different muscle groups and maintain a well-rounded fitness routine. Adjustable weights or resistance levels are also key. They’ll enable you to progress and increase the weights as you get stronger over time.

Another important feature is the quality and durability of the materials. You’ll be investing a significant amount of money in a multi-station home gym, so you’ll want it to be built to last. Look for machines made from sturdy materials, like steel, with robust cables and pulleys that can withstand heavy use over time.

Benefits of an all-in-one workout machine

One of the biggest benefits of home gyms is the convenience they offer. With a home gym machine, you can exercise whenever you want, without worrying about gym hours, overcrowded fitness centers, or your appearance!

This is particularly beneficial for beginners, or those with a busy schedule who may struggle to find time to go to a regular gym. Also, having a multi-station home gym makes the most of minimal space AND it eliminates the need to travel. That will save you both time and money.

All-in-One Workout Machine (Home Gym) – Jules’ Top 3 Picks (2024)

Titan Fitness Functional Trainer - home gym system

Titan Fitness: Functional Trainer

Titan Fitness enthusiasts – over 140 verified buyers at last count – have scored their Functional Trainer 4.8 out of 5 for quality, functionality and service. Hard to argue with that!

Product Pros

  • Versatility (>1k training positions)
  • Essential add-ons all included
  • Quality construction
  • Great reviews

Product Cons

  • High-end price point
  • Complex assembly

Titan rightly highlights the Functional Trainer’s versatility, ease of use and high-grade steel construction. The machine comes with fully-enclosed, dual weight stacks and all the attachments you’ll need to move easily from one exercise to the next.

Initial assembly is relatively complicated, so Titan recommend having two experienced assemblers to put it together. Check out their manual and video before you buy.

X3 Elite Bar - strength training equipment

X3 Elite Bar

The X3 Elite Bar is something else. The man behind it, Dr John Jaquish, has spent many years researching and developing new and improved approaches to health. And the X3 Bar is just one of them.

Product Pros

  • No assembly needed
  • Affordable
  • Space saving
  • Highly portable
  • Great reviews

Product Cons

  • No bells and whistles
  • That’s it!

The focus of this device is on strength building and muscle growth. Dr J’s main claim for the X3 system is that it safely builds muscle faster than conventional lifting.

Another big advantage of the X3, for beginners and established gym users alike, is its price point. At well under $1,000, it makes entry level affordable for many more of us. So, not just the most compact of my picks here, but also the best budget home gym.

Best HOME GYM for beginners
Bells of Steel's Cable Tower with Weight Stack 2.0 - home gym machine for strength training exercises

Bells of Steel: Cable Tower + Weight Stack 2.0

Bells of Steel’s chief selling points for its cable tower product are that it’s affordable, space-efficient and versatile.

The maker’s sales pitch underlines that you can add hundreds of cable machine exercises into your fitness routine – and easily switch from one to another.

Product Pros

  • Robust build
  • Well-priced for beginners
  • Several optional attachments
  • Small footprint

Product Cons

  • Poor assembly video & manual
  • Must be bolted down
  • Mounting hardware not included

Consider choosing the version of this tower that includes a rear upright, for even more exercise variations.

Are home gyms worth it for beginners?

For beginners, home gyms can be a worthwhile investment. With a wide range of exercise options, they provide a platform for beginners to start building strength and endurance at their own pace. Having different exercise stations in one machine also allows beginners to experiment and find the types of exercises they enjoy most. That definitely makes it easier to stick to a regular fitness routine.


Home gym machines, or all-in-one workout machines, provide a convenient and versatile solution for anyone looking to exercise in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

When choosing a home gym, consider the features, durability, and versatility of the machine.

For home exercise beginners, acquiring a home gym machine can prove a worthwhile investment. (You can read more detail on equipment options and what to look out for in my article Home Gym Machine – Is It Worth It?)

In short, an all-in-one gym in your own home provides a comprehensive workout platform and eliminates the barriers to exercising regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the typical price range for all-in-one workout machines for the home?

The price range for multi-station home gyms, or all-in-one workout machines, varies depending on the brand, quality, and features. Generally, you can find home gyms in the price range of $500 to $5,000 or more.

Options at a more affordable price tend to have basic features. Higher-priced models usually – though not always – offer more advanced functions, and more robust construction.

Having said that, not every home gym machine is an all-in-one-machine. But all the products on this page – including the X3 Bar above – can build muscle over time, with a focus on regular strength training exercises.

Can you build muscle at home on an all-in-one workout machine?

Yes, you can build muscle on a home gym machine. These devices typically allow you to perform a wide range of exercises for different muscle groups; providing resistance through weight stacks, cables, or bands. With regular use and proper training, you can achieve muscle growth and all-round physical development.

Can home gyms be dangerous?

While home gym machines are generally safe when used correctly, they can pose dangers if not used properly or if safety precautions are not followed. Some of the potential risks associated with home gyms include: incorrect use, over-exertion, and machine malfunction.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you start using any new gym equipment you purchase. (Even if you’ve used something that looks similar in a public gym before!) And always consult with a professional trainer first, if you’re new to regular exercising on gym equipment; or if you’re unsure of your capacity to handle it.