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Jules Walters • Nov 8, 2022

We all live busy lives and it’s hard to find time for ourselves. I very much hope that this site will help you to quickly find ideas and science-based products to help you to be your healthiest self.

I’m a big believer that each of us should be the CEO of our own health. Sure our doctors can advise and give us their opinion based on decades of experience and study. That is super helpful.

But we are the only ones who are going to keep us healthy day in and day out. The baseline is that we need to sleep well, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and have our regular annual checks and scans to pick up any early cancers.

On top of that, we can also take supplements for extra fuel to our cells and use the increasing number of consumer trackers to get the data we need. That could be an Oura ring for sleep, Levels for blood glucose, or Viome for our microbiome.

Happy reading and please do send me feedback or ideas to

Thank you!


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