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Jules Walters • Nov 23, 2022

Helping you benefit from data about YOU

One of the great advantages of the consumer revolution in health is that data about you is now in YOUR hands, and not just with your doctor.

I’m not talking so much about intermittent data in your electronic medical record (EMR); although that is important, particularly if you’re managing a health condition. I’m talking about the data on so-far healthy you.

They say that ignorance is bliss. Well, it is until you have a heart attack! 

Many chronic long-term conditions like heart disease or diabetes have tell-tale signs long before the full-blown condition develops.

I hope you never get that diagnosis, as you’ll have been tracking your vitals and adjusting your diet, exercise and sleep patterns to get those vital numbers to where they need to be.

In the how-to guides on this website, I highlight some of the key data points to keep you in the zone of health. 

Remember: prevention is personal. It’s up to YOU!

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