The Power of Eggs (2 mins)

Jules Walters medium close-up

1: I know what it’s like to lead in business

I have been in your shoes in a stressful leadership position with no time for myself.

I know how hard it is to bring your A game to work when you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. There is still a way to build a strong foundation in health.

2: I am a certified health coach 

I gained my certification in health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

I also have a first-class honors degree in molecular genetics from King’s College London. 

3: My passion is to support female leaders

I am dedicated to helping female leaders be the best versions of themselves, starting with their health.

That is not easy with so many demands on your time – but there is a way, step by step, to build energy, strength and resilience.

How the process of health coaching works

How it can fit into your busy schedule

How you can become the CEO of your health and reset for life